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I have been a Licensed agent for six years, with a background in the medical field of forty years, including but not limited to... Licensed Practical Nurse and Insurance Billing  and Coding Clerk.  I believe my years of experience with billing insurance , understanding coding, and providing healthcare services provides my clients with the best of both worlds... I understand both sides of the Health Insurance equation.  My goal is to EDUCATE not to sell!  I am an  Independent  Agency Owner licensed in multiple States and continuing to grow.


CBI provides quality services to it's clients in all areas of insurance and wealth management.  I believe in the straightforward approach... where honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.  I absolutely believe that there is such a thing as being "over insured" If I don't believe that you will benefit from a transaction, even if it means I don't make a commission... I will tell you.  My goal is not to "rack up" commissions... it is to build a family of clients that are confident that they are receiving the best service available!